Friday, June 30, 2006

Dawaun Kassan Morgan (December 17, 1983 - June, 30, 2005)

Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine
Date: Summer 1995

Not all anniversaries are celebratory events.

Dawaun was only 9 years old and living in Newark, New Jersey when I first met him. After a drive by shooting injured a friend of his, his brave, single mother, packed some suitcases and moved her family to Maine. For the next 12 years I would come to love of him like a son. As he became a teenager, and then a man, he was a rugged individualist (well, he was when he was a kid, too) who liked to do things his own way and would call when he had to, unless you called him first. I guess that's just like a son, isn't it?

He will be always missed, and never forgotten.

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