Friday, December 08, 2006

Monsieur Marcel Duchamp Deutsche Hunde

Monsieur Marcel Duchamp Deutsche Hunde aka 'The Dude'
In the kitchen, at his new home on The Rock
December 8, 2006


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Courtney said...

how bizarre. my imaginary (future) dachshund is named monsieur claude debussy. no joke.

i have dackle envy.

Mushi Loola said...

I hope that Monsieur Claude Debussy finds his way into your life as fortuitously as Marcel found his way into mine.

Bill said...

and how did you meet monsieur marcel?

Mushi Loola said...

We had been talking about getting a dog for about a year now — but only over the past three months, started talking about a dachshund.

On the way to work on Wednesday I stopped into the old books/new coffee shop and saw a woman that works there with him. As I was petting him, I complemented her how beautiful he was — and she said, "Do you want him?"


Yeah, apparently she had him for the past two days on trial from the local shelter, and she was not bonding with him.

So, long story short(ened by karma), I went to fill paperwork out on Thursday morning, and that afternoon after work, Marcel and I were riding the ferry (he dug the ride) to The Rock.

As a friend wrote after seeing his picture, "Marcel est parfait! Quel chien!"


Life should always be so easy.