Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chocolate Covered Demons Atomiques!

Assalto alla Terra! (Italy), Atomische Duivels! (Belgium/Flemish), Des Monstres Attaquent la Ville! (France), Formicula! (West Germany), La Humanidad en Peligro! (Spain), O Mundo em Perigo! (Portugal), El Mundo en Peligro! (Mexico), One! (Poland), Politiet og Uhyret! (Denmark), Són Elles! (Spain/Catalan), Spindlarna! (Sweden)*, Yön Pedot! (Finland) No matter how you say it, it's killer atomic ants — in my backyard!

The Rock
July 2007


I've got 'em! Right in my backyard! The dreaded European Fire Ants (Myrmica rubra)!

How they got out to The Rock in the first place, I can only speculate. (Most likely, with the influx, and in the roots of, the also dreaded, Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) that some idiot decided would be great to grow out here.) But, G and I have been gardening around them ever since we bought our house, three years ago. I had never had any contact with them before moving here. G knew what they were right away — and what they were capable of. You see, these little (about 3/16 inch long) red fuckers defend their territory pretty agressively and sting, at first burning like hell, and then (for me at least, being apparently allergic to whatever the little red devils are stinging me with), leaving behind a pretty good size welt.

Not being one for panic and pesticides, I've not had much luck in finding a solution for our predicament (other then walking around the yard with a tea kettle pouring hot water on them), but, I am not beaten yet and, with (according to research, so far,) no redeeming natural qualities, and a potential threat to the environment (especially, mine!), they will not win.

Now, it's time to bring it on! (Or, start eating them!)

* Actually, in Sweden, Spindlarna! translates to "The Spiders!",which might might have been a bit misleading to the viewing public. Or, maybe they just chalked it up to us 'Demons Atomiques Americans'. Who knows?


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