Monday, October 29, 2007

Sweet Little Sunset®

Somewhere On The Rock.
Sometime in the Fall.
Somehow never boring.


"Load the fan brush with Van Dyke Brown. Hold the brush vertically, start at the top of each tree and pull down to add the trunks. Thin the Brown with odorless thinner and use the liner brush to add the tree branches. Highlight the trunks and branches by adding White to the Brown.

Use the 1" brush and various mixtures of Brown, Blue, Green and Crimson to underpaint the tree foliage and small bushes at the, ...."

That's right, people — just like a painting by the Master — it's all Sweet Little Sunset®'s here.


Evening : The Sun Set : Twilight Time
(Buy: The Moody Blues: Days Of Future Passed)

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