Saturday, March 22, 2008

What's Up, Doxie? (Or, A Little Dachshund DailyLove®)

"Lump, he’s not a dog, he’s not a little man, he’s somebody else."
— Pablo Picasso

Picasso and Lump
Cover photograph from "Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund's Odyssey"
Photography : David Douglas Duncan


"One spring morning in 1957, veteran photojournalist David Douglas Duncan paid a visit to his friend and frequent photographic subject Pablo Picasso, at the artist's villa near Cannes.

Traveling with Duncan was his pet dachshund, Lump. The photographers nomadic lifestyle and his other dog a giant Afghan hound had never suited the jealous and temperamental Lump. (What?! A jealous and temperamental dachshund?!) So when they arrived at Picasso's Villa La Californie that spring day, Lump decided that he had found his paradise on earth, and that he would take up permanent residence with Picasso."

Excerpt from Editors description of "Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund's Odyssey" by David Douglas Duncan


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Joey and Maggie said...

We've got this book, and love it! Nice blog, by the way! I had to look several times to make sure that you had a Smiths link! Morrissey is our something.

Joey and Maggie
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