Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Read It, And Weep (Unless You Own the Biz, Then We'll Read It, While You Reap!)

The Rock's $3.71 Co-Op Gas Pump
Date: Au'gas't 10, 2006

That's right, it says 3 dollars and 70 cents (and 9 friggin' tenths of a dollar!). Figure that to any nation average you hear about on television or the radio (Because you know they're not checkin' in with us out on The Rock!).

And it's been only thirty-something days and 29 cents since this last post. You know what—If you're going to eff me out of another effing penny for a gasoline price (that is leaping its way to compete with our Canadian peer's averages), then just call it three-seventyone and let's get it over with. Who I really feel sorry for are all those hard-working guys at Beepy McExxoTexConShellron's. I am sure that counting all that 'bank' is wearing pretty thin on them. It's wearing pretty thin on The Rock, too.

Harvey Danger: Cream and Bastards Rise
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