Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sailing Homeward

But first, dropping anchor (if you know what I mean) with the schooners off Swans Island.
Summer 2006

Heel y'ho boys, let her go, boys
Bring her head round now all together
Heel y'ho boys, let her go boys
Sailing homeward to Mingulay!

What care we tho' white the sea/Minch is?
What care we for wind and weather?
Let her go boys, every inch is
Wearing homeward to Mingulay!

Wives are waiting on the bank, boys,
Looking seaward from the heather.
Pull her 'round boys, and we'll anchor
'Ere the sun sets at Mingulay!

'Mingulay Boat Song', composed by Hugh Roberton (1874 - 1952) in 1938—a good 26 years after Mingulay lost its island community for good. But still, it's a beautiful island, with a beautiful song in its namesake.

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