Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here We Go Loop-Dee-Loop

Twenty-Four Potholders
January 24, 2007

"No Kitchen Blisters in 2007!"

That's my motto.

That's right, break out the loom! With the express knowledge that I would be unable to keep any other New Year's resolutions (from past experience) — I choose a crafty alternative — making 'One Potholder A Day' for 2007. So far, so good — and, it's a very soothing distraction from other everyday chores. I am running low on loops though (Apparently I've had many days worth of loops laying around the house for some time now.), and it's time to order more.

Only 338 to go!

Like Humans Do
The Great Intoxication

(Buy: David Byrne: Look Into The Eyeball)

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