Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm Proud To Be A Corporate American, Amen

Mickey D's
'Now with Diet Feelings!'®
January 3, 2007

'Saint of the Day', The Most Holy Name of Jesus

'In a world of fiercely guarded corporate names and logos, it should be easy to understand this feast. The letters IHS (not top be mistaken with these guys, or these, or these) are an abbreviation of Jesous, the Greek name for Jesus.'

And — in honor of the passing and mourning of Gerald Ford (R.I.P.) — even the flag of The Golden Arch (They do one thing right.) is flying at half-staff.

Do you want fries with that faith?


Jimmy Scott: Day By Day
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Beach Boys: God Only Knows
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George Michael: Faith
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XTC: Dear God
(Buy: XTC: Skylarking)

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