Friday, April 20, 2007

Say It Loud, Say It Proud! It's Here, Tain't Beer (Or, Twisted Tea, Unbelievably), Git You'st To It!

Although, I believe, Twisted Tea cans are still No. 1 in the preferred 'Roadside Trash of The Rock.' (As personally evidenced by the two dozen flattened cans I have picked up from this past seasons walk-abouts.)

The Fisherman's Friend
The Rock, Maine
April 2007

Some things just make you proud to be an American (Mainer). And some just make you cringe. This little bit of news, apparently almost as important as any other pressing global topics of the day, makes me do a little of both.

"When it comes to spirits, coffee brandy remains Mainers' libation of choice.
State sales figures for last year show that Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy remains by far the top-selling brand of liquor in the state, just as it's been every year for more than a decade. Nearly 994,000 bottles worth $11.9 million were sold in four different bottle sizes in Maine in 2006.

Allen's is so popular that its different bottle sizes rank first, second, sixth and ninth on the Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations list of the top 25 alcoholic items sold last year. Allen's is the only brand that appears more than once in the top 10.

Coffee-flavored brandy is something of a New England specialty and is not well-known outside the region. Allen's is made by family-owned M.S. Walker Inc. of Somerville, Mass. (On who's site, you'd be hard pressed to find ANY mention of they're No. 1 seller in Maine, because they only deal with "Fine Wines & Spirits Since 1933.")

The dark-colored liquor that's been called "the champagne of Maine," while immensely popular, is also associated with the state's substance abuse troubles. (Really? Alcohol and substance abuse? Trouble?)

A decade ago, state Superior Court Judge Robert Crowley was quoted as saying the brand "is very prevalent in the criminals who come before me. I don't know whether brandy is more bang for your buck but it runs the gamut.

"I see it in bar fights, domestic assaults, drunk driving, and worse crimes."

— Associated Press, via MaineToday.

With the predicted price of bait (Which, apparently, Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy was once used to store. Although, highly unlikely.) and gas this year — and some of the lobstermen already forecasting the leanest lobster season in years — my guess is that we're in for another record-breaker next year! (And, maybe a few more "bar fights, domestic assaults, drunk driving, and worse crimes.")

One more cup of coffee (flavored brandy) for the road?


(Sorry, couldn't locate any songs regaling (or even mentioning) Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy — yet!)

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