Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Horror. The Horror. (The Horoscopes, That Is.)

Well, it's a good thing I only have one.

Fortune cookies (above) and canned personality generalizations — that's what makes life worth living.

'There is a burning restlessness inside you that is activated because you don't feel as if you are fulfilling your life's destiny. You may have a sudden insight that you have a much greater purpose in this lifetime than what you are currently doing. Explore this idea, and see what you can do to move toward this great desire that comes from deep within. This is the perfect time to put large, long-term goals into action.'
(My horoscope for some day in April, when, really, I was really feeling this way. Oh, wait, I felt that way yesterday, also. And, a bit like that today. Oh, man, I don't see tomorrow looking much different.)

Oh, wait!

Today is the first day of the rest of you life! (Sure, I know that that's a bit cliche, but it sure beats the last fortune I received, which read, "You will get some clothes." (Jevus! What? Do they save up all the shite fortunes for the island take-out orders? Or, has the whole fortune cookie business just given up on creativity and inspiration?)

Oh, wait! I have one.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life!


I Want Everything
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Tristeza {Goodbye Sadness}
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(Who needs cookies? At a minute-thirty, Walter Wanderley brings more joy then any cookie could deliver — just give it a listen!)

All Good? [Can 7 Supermarket Remix]
(Buy: De La Soul Featuring Chaka Khan : Stereo Sushi 2 [Disc 2])


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Mushi Loola said...


Thanks for the compliment, I'll keep on keeping on, as long as people like yourself keep coming back.