Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shine On Your DailyLove® Light (To A Power Rawk Ballad)

Flame On!

George Blaisdell
Inventor of the Zippo® lighter


Ahhh, the power ballad. Was there no quicker way for your favorite 'rawkers' to totally become your least favorite? (Rhetorical question. The answer is a definite, "NO!")

But, hey, I thought all of these bands sucked before their big hair got all wrapped up around their hearts.

'I gotta take a little time,
A little time to think things over.
I better read between the lines,
In case I need it when I'm older.'

Oh, wait, I love this one! Lighters up!


Without You
(Buy: Mötley Crüe: Dr. Feelgood (Remastered))

November Rain
(Buy: Guns N' Roses: Use Your Illusion: 1)

Every Rose Has Its Thorn
(Buy: Poison: Open Up and Say...Ahh!)

I Remember You
(Buy: Skid Row: Skid Row)

Love Hurts
(Buy: Nazareth: Hair of the Dog)

And, finally ...

Can you just imagine the sing-a-long with this one, no doubt, the final encore of every one of their concerts after this song came out.


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