Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mawidge Is What Bwings Us Togewer Today

I now pronounce you rehearsal man and rehearsal wife.

Karen and Bruce
Wedding Rehearsal
The Rock
August 10, 2007


On, what might possibly be, the most beautiful day (and, the day after the day shown in the picture above) this Summer, our friends Karen and Bruce are getting married. I just packed G off for a day full of pre-wedding primping, and will probably not see her again until the wedding (That is, of course, unless I have to do anymore taxiing of guests today).

It is truly a great day for, well, a White Wedding.


Perfect Day
(Buy: Lou Reed: Trainspotting [Original Soundtrack])

White Wedding
(Buy: Whip: P:ear: Bridging the Distance)

The Great Intoxication
(Buy: David Byrne: Look Into The Eyeball)


(You can, and should, read more about the p:ear organization, and their goal of building positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth, on their website.)

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