Sunday, September 09, 2007


Ride, Jasper ride, upon your mystery ship.

Jasper Ridin'
1994, Oil on canvas
Mark Ryden


Almost 20-something days away from here (due to severe computer malfunctions and various other 'bugs'), and all I have for you today is 'Crumbs' (and, this great, and one of my favorite Mark Ryden paintings).

Enjoy! (But, especially, enjoy Hal Sirowitz's reading of the same poem, below.)

Don't eat any more food in your room,
Mother said. You'll get more bugs.
They depend on people like you.
Otherwise, they would starve.
But who do you want to make happy,
your mother or a bunch of ants?
What have they done for you?
They have no feelings.
They'll eat your candy. Yet
you treat them better than you treat me.
You keep feeding them.
But you never offer me anything.

'Crumbs' ©2003 Hal Sirowitz


(Okay, now this link really is 'Crumbs', sorry about that.)

(Buy: Hal Sirowitz: Mother Said (Poems))

(My crashed and burned computer should be replaced in a couple of days. Until then, I'll try to patch up and post whenever I can. – Mushi)

(Oh, yeah, still down! September 15,2007 — Mushi)