Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where's The Sunshine?

"What say we promenade through the yard, Mushi?" (Amazingly, this is the same little man that will do anything he can to stay out of the rain.)

Marcel Duchamp
Skin Hill, The Rock
February 2008


Marcel loves the snow.

Heading out for his morning rituals, he plows through the snow — chest-deep (as well as everything else that hangs down below), head down, snorting loudly — on the trail of who knows what. Leaps and bounds, trying to get the jump on whatever he smells.

"Where's the sunshine? When is this weather going to end? Enough already!" people gripe — when we finally see them. But we won't be seeing them for a while. (It's only 4:30 — the crack of arse.) So, we enjoy the weather.

Marcel loves the snow. And, so do I.


Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Fun In The Sun
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Where's The Music?

Morning Gulls
Carver's Harbor, The Rock
February 2008


Hey, I found it!

(Yeah, it's been a while.)

So, here it is.

TOMORROW: Where's The Sunshine?


Where's The Music?
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