Monday, December 03, 2007

Mr. Peanut Gets A Bit Older

But, none the less feistier.

A Goober and a Tuber in an Exchange of Fisticuffs
Acrylic on Canvas, 24 " x 30", 1998
Todd Schorr


'Little' brother 'Nut just celebrated a birthday. He is no longer the size of his childhood given nickname (he has children that have now taken over that status), but he still lives it (Whatever!? I don't even know what I think I mean by that.).

Anywho, ...

When I went away to school, Nut stayed in Jersey, 'colleged' (What? That's not a word?) there, and experienced the ever-rich Jersey music scene. When I came home for holidays, new music (on NEW! vinyl) always awaited. We still share it today, when we get a chance.

Thanks, Nut. And, Happy Birthday!

Love, Mushi


Time Is Tight
(Buy: The Clash: Super Black Market Clash)

The Way I Walk
(Buy: Robert Gordon: Fresh Fish Special)

Brokedown Palace
(Buy: Grateful Dead: American Beauty)

Shadow Of A Man This song, 'Nut used to play in the minivan. His kids LOVED it! (This song, and some Disney song about a baby beluga whale, or something.)
(Buy: Oysterhead: The Grand Pecking Order)

It's Only Make Believe This might be the best karaoke song ever! Well, Peanut will just sing it any chance he gets.
(Buy: Conway Twitty: It's Only Make Believe)