Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello Darlin', Nice To See You

I'm ready for my close-up.


Man, they should take these things (blogs and, the privilege to) away from you if you go a whole year and just slap up one half-arsed post.

But, they don't so, what I'm tryin' to say is ...

Hello darlin' nice to see you it's been a long time
You're just as lovely as you used to be
How's your new love are you happy hope you're doing fine
Just to know it means so much to me
What's that darlin' how'm I doing guess I'm doing all right
Except I can't sleep and I cry all night till dawn
What I'm trying to say is I love you and I miss you
And I'm so sorry that I did you wrong.

Hey, look kids, I'm back to it! (Well, maybe until next year or, maybe this year I'll surprise both you and myself, and stay on top of this thing.) Don't get all wet, however, I did just say, "Maybe."

See ya' real soon! (Or, not.)

Photography : Sally Dennison (via)


Hello Darlin'
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Hello Darlin'
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Unknown said...

i like the pic. i guess there are times when you are too busy to blog. Just found yours and added it to mine...