Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Tuesday Morning
The Rock
November 21, 2006

A friend lent me her mainland car (everybody's got one here, and yet another reason why you have to love this island) as I enjoyed another day in lost key ignorance. Plugged into my week of escapist 80's music, all was right with the world.

Another friend keeps telling me his Mother always said 'Look where they are, not where they aren't.' I keep telling him to shut up. When I got back to The Rock tonight, G was holding the keys in her hand.

They were where they were, not where they weren't.

Shut up.


Black Box: Everybody, Everybody
(Buy: Black Box: Dreamland)

(And, oh yeah, after weeks of frustrating file posting — my EZArchive files are finally back on board! Enjoy!)

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