Friday, November 10, 2006

Two, No. One, Maybe.

Boat Thinking (Isn't Always Constructive)
The end of a day.
November 2006

I'm sitting two seats behind the next random county officer to come out to The Rock for an evening of law enforcement fun, and I stare at the back of his head. It has been a pretty long day — one of those days that takes more out of you then you were willing to give. I have my music plugged to my ears and I'm trying not to think.

And then I notice that the hair at the center of his head is patterned in a clockwise direction. Now I'm starting to think. This will do nobody any good. And I think: Does the hair of people born below the Equator grow in a counterclockwise pattern? Do I care enough to really wonder? Will I ever look it up? The answer to two of the three questions, for sure, is no. But I (think I will) take my camera out and take the picture anyway.


Brian Eno: And Then So Clear
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The Divine Comedy: Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World
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