Tuesday, November 21, 2006

F.T.W. Monday's

Bitchin' Chevy
Owls Head, Maine
March 2001

I woke up pretty easy this morning. Made coffee. Ate breakfast. Caught the weather, and jumped in the shower. And then all hell broke loose.

Couldn't find my car keys (for the mainland ride to work), although I looked until the last minute before I thought I could before I would miss the ferry. Got to the terminal with less then a minute to spare — hair wet. It's 20 effin'-something degrees this morning. Fortunately, Big K (and his car) are on the boat, too. He drives me down to work when we get to the other side.

The end of my work day comes too quick with the new winter ferry schedule (which sucks, by the way!) — and I call a cab to get me to the boat.

The taxi shows up at 3:05 — the ferry leaves at 3:15. We are 15 minutes away from the terminal (without traffic). The driver is a slacker. Gum-smacking, cell phone chatting it up with his girlfriend/wife while I watch the digital clock on the dashboard countdown. At 3:12, we are farther away then is comfortable for me and I start to figure out who I am going to call — after paying this shitehead 10 dollars for getting me to the boat after it leaves — for a place to stay tonight.

Surprisingly, he hangs up on his gf/w and calls a fellow worker at the terminal. "Hey, I got a guy that needs to get the ferry. Will you tell them we'll be right there." And we get there two minutes later. And the boat is still there. I jump out, give my slacker friend 15 bucks, and then go sit in the cabin, until I fall asleep — trying not to think about where the hell my keys are.

Which, at this writing, I have still not found. (But I am not mad — because I have this music in my head — and it won't let me go there. Go figure.)


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