Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dance! Chicken Dance!

Haiku! Chicken Haiku!

Orange feet in soil,
Scratching and pecking for grit.
Chickens in the sun.

As the annual 'Feast of Overindulgence' approaches, the turkeys that will have made it through the first massacre can rest a little easier (until the Christmas slaughter, that is. Get your orders in now.)

But that reminded me of a story our neighbor, the little child in this picture, told us the other night. She said that when her parents went 'out to haul', they would put her in the pen with the chickens until they'd return. She said they would peck at her feet until she danced — all day long. It was this experience that made her want to become a professional dancer.

(Please, don't tell me that you believed any of that. That is just wrong.)


Brave Combo: The Chicken Dance
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