Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Good Day To Die

Ferry Terminal Ramp
The Other Side
March 10, 2003

No, really, this was the day that I thought it was over. Just for a second — but even for a second, it's not a good thought to have in your head.

On the island side, the guy in the photo walked into the cabin with his shotgun (or whatever kind of gun it is — I don't know guns from nothin') and, without saying anything to anyone, sat in the front seat with his back to all. I wasn't even supposed to be on this ferry. I missed the first boat and caught the second to get in a few hours. And now I was on the boat with five other passengers — one, bearing arms.

Short story shorter — I lived to tell the tale — but had to get a picture to show my friends and family or they would not have believed it. When the ferry docked, everybody let the 'Rifleman' exit first, keeping their distance (and I'm sure, like me, breathing a bit easier). I took out my camera and snapped this shot like I was Michael Moore hound-dogging Charlton Heston.

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